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Socially Sorted: The Shift to Visual Social Media – 6 Tips for Business [Infographic]

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Our focus has shifted from Social Media to VISUAL Social Media.  We are drawn to “visual content” online in more ways than ever before.  

The opportunity this provides for business is massive.  But there are some key concepts and strategies that you need to know in order to leverage the power of this shift towards using visual content in social media.

In short, it means that businesses or brands online need to take note of the stats.  In 2012 alone we have seen You Tube pass 4 Billion Daily Video Views and Pinterest become the 4th largest driver of traffic worldwide.

With Pinterest becoming one of the fastest growing networks, Instagram has matched this with massive growth and high rates of engagement. Instagram was recently reported by Dane Atkinson (CEO of SumAll.com as having as much as 10 times greater engagement than other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not bad for a little photo sharing site.  Is it any wonder that Facebook snapped it up for $1 Billion?

For business, this means a massive opportunity for businesses who can leverage the power of visual marketing. If we can learn how to use images, photos, video, and other visual media in our online marketing, then we have a greater chance of reaching more people with our message. This then provides the opportunity for more exposure as visuals drive traffic to our websites products and services.

In this Infographic, Socially Sorted goes over how the shift developed and 6 tips brands and small businesses can follow to help become more visual.

The shift to visual social media

Infographic courtesy of Socially Sorted.

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