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Infographic: The Social Media Winter Is Coming (via pcmag.com)

“In recent months, some of the biggest houses in the social media realm have quietly butted heads and blocked access between one another,” HootSuite‘s Evan LePage said. “Unfortunately these walls aren’t built to protect the citizens. While wars rage on behind the scenes, the users of these paths are beginning to find their favorite networks a lot less accessible, and a lot less social.”

Specifically, LePage is referring to the API battles between various social networks, which has resulted in limited access to each other’s technology in recent months.

“With the first winds of social media winter sweeping over the realm, citizens are looking for ways to avoid the conflict,” HootSuite said.

Not surprisingly, HootSuite suggests that users who have been burned by the various “houses” use its service to navigate the various social networks. Take a closer look at each house, and the social media land map produced by HootSuite, in the full infographic below.